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Anything! I could never please you. Well it's over. I don't have to think about that any more.>Well, I'm sure you'll enjoy your new life, with your bi...bos.==> Not a bimbo. A nice woman who happens to enjoy sex with me, after I went a long, long time without that. My needs?!?Jeff (free at last!)Fifteen minutes later:Jeff:> ==>How about making it impossible to ever do anything for you? Hating every present? You never even tried! You always went out at the last minute just to get something!. “Todd, do you have anything to say in defense or do you just have a guilty look?”I took the mic and said, “KA4D. Actually, guys that was her roommate last night. The real Gail is here.” I heard hisses and raspberries through the speaker. ‘No, it was the Gail you’ve been hearing. She is a very pretty lady and looked it last night. I think testing sessions will be better attended in the future at the Gwinnett club hoping she or someone like her will return. I hope she will decide to prepare for. She said good night and went back to her room, well I could not sleep, I was wide awake. Then I hear the noise start up again, it sounded louder. I put on my robe and went outside to peek in the window. holy shit, I saw her and her boyfriend naked, lol the first man I saw naked was her boyfriend, a very handsome Puerto Rican guy. he was kneeling behind her, she was on her hands and knees, just like the a****ls do it I thought to myself. he was really going at it hard. he stops suddenly, and she. Main: Mami, shuruat me thoda dard hoga, par ek baar andar chala gaya toh maja hi maja aayega. Phir aap hi bologi ke aur thoda , aur thoda.Sonu: Mamma, dukh raha hai.Mami: Haa beta, jaao tum jake cartoon dekh lo. Ram mujhe injection bde raha he, jiske baad me phir se charge ho jaungi.Main: Ha Sonu, mere paas ek bahut hi badiya dawai hai , jo me ek baar mami ko dunga na, toh woh phir se thik ho jayengi. Main to inhe ab sair karane ke liye hi le jaunga.Sonu: Ok mamma me bahar hi baith ti hoo..

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