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." Come on, you've been complaining you never do anything. Come with me." Oh, fine. I'll come."****The first thing Joel noticed when he stepped inside...the karaoke bar wasthat some of the people had apparently decided to dress up as famoussingers. He saw an Elvis flirting with a Dolly Parton, a Paul McCartneyand a Madonna toasting each other, and many more.Then he watched as a young man took the microphone and began singing"Purple Rain" ...And changed into a dead ringer to Prince as he. " If Angelo lost, both bets would be taken by the house. If he won, however, the dealer would pay off both bets, and then take his portion, tap it sideways on the table to make it sound like stiletto heels on marble, and then drop it into the clear plastic bin with served as a tip box, ultimately to be divided among many employees in some esoteric formula known only to those who wore the tuxedos. After about a half hour, he said that he felt warmed up enough and raised his basic bet to $25,000,. After a few days of phone ping pong (no mobile phones back then) we met Brian and Kate, a couple about our age he was about six foot carrying a little too much weight, she about five foot, busty, blonde and bubbly. We met in a local pub but it didn't take long to arrive at our home, they had c***dren currently with a babysitter. Though they were slightly nervous Brian soon suggested that we might as well get on with what we had got together to do, in our family room I had already put a couple. ‘Please put it in me now,’ she sighed, ‘but remember, …’ There was no more forthcoming, but he did as he was asked and within two minutes of the slowest coitus that he could imagine, he was watching and feeling it as Khoe came for him. That was the astounding part for him right there. This amazing creature made this all feel as though she was experiencing the orgasm that he’d given her with his poor lovemaking skills — the way that he saw it, anyway — and, … And she was coming for him. There.

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