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I kept hanging around, eventually saw a couple in their 60’s. I went back in the video room to watch the movie. Then stayed in a cabin. One guy, wit... a big smile on his face, followed me letting the door open. I started to suck him when I noticed that the couple was watching us. I told them that they could come in if they wanted and so they did. I was not sure if they could not find another cabin or really wanted to play with/next to us. Anyway they were kissing next to us and a lot of voyeurs. Leonie war der Meinung sie k?nnte mit meiner st?ndigen Eifersucht nicht leben. Sie ben?tige mehr Freiraum und h?tte keine Lust von mir auf jeden ihrer Schritte verfolgt zu werden, und so war sie eines Morgens aus unserer gemeinsamen Wohnung verschwunden.Nun traf ich sie im Erlebnisbad unserer Stadt, umringt von mehren Verehrern, wieder.'Hi, Leonie!' rief ich ihr von weitem zu. Sie blickte in meine Richtung und als sie mich sah, wendete sie sich schnell wieder einem ihrer Bekannten zu. Da ich. .... as i peeped in to the next cubicle, at first appeared to be empty, then all of a sudden because i jumped a woman of about my age today, 25 appeard on the standing in front of the hole on the opposite wall, at first i didnt get it? because back then i didnt know people did that, but anyway she was legs apart and was touching her really bushy nunu, in a way i didnt getbut watching her made me so excited i put my hand under my skirt to my hairless nunu and began to watch this total stranger. He saw her and waved and she smiled and waved back. she watched as he struggled with a few boxes and she went over and asked if he needed a hand. he gladly accepted her help and together they carried the boxes into his house. He said, "i'm Jeffrey, thanks for the help". Britney replied, "no problem at all. i'm Britney." Jeffrey offered her a drink and she accepted and they sat and talked for a bit. Jeffrey then came to re-fill Britney's cup and tripped and spilled water all over Britney's.

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