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"Don't rape me!" she says.Now most broads would say don't shoot me so I figured I had one hell of a man hating bitch on my hands."Shut the Fug up" I s...ys all polite like, "Get your coat you're coming for a ride!"She looked like a frightened rabbit but I saw her coat and threw it at her. She pulled it on, "Outside in the car," I ordered, "In the back on the floor."She climbed in back, got down on the floor and I said, "I'll have that coat to stop it getting crumpled." I clicked the safety off of. She had been toying with an idea for almost two weeks now. What if she gave into Ross' desires to make love to her. It would be her only chance to see what it felt like to have sex as a woman. She would be able to use that to her advantage once she was Butch again. Finally, she made up her mind. Ross was going to get lucky tonight!That night, when Ross showed up to take her out, Rhonda was dressed for seduction. Her black jeans looked as if they had been painted on. The tight sweater had a. ”“I’m not mad! And he wasn’t left over, we were still—”“I know you were still fucking after you broke up, but who else knew? The mental gymnastics you did to reason out that breakup are too much for me.”“Argh! For the last time, Ay. We’re better as friends. He has that whole machismo thing going and was way too possessive when we were dating. He’s a lot more manageable this way, and we both get what we want. It’s win-win!”“One of you gets what they want, at least,” Ayanna muttered, almost too. It went into my pussy very easily because I was dripping with both Gene’s and my come. The guy was so worked up he started slamming me real fast, and spurted in less than 30 seconds. Pushing him backwards to get him off me, I rolled on to my back and stretched like a contented kitten. I looked at the guys and picked out a horny-looking, surfer type, all tan with hard muscles. I pointed at him and held my arms wide. He quickly stepped forward and knelt between my legs, then went down on my.

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