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"Lily got unsteadily to her feet and Mistress attached a leash to her collar. The dominant woman strode from the room, her slave shuffling meekly in t...w. Lily had no idea where she was being led, but she followed. They made their way down a hallway and into a tastefully decorated bedroom with a large four-post bed and an assortment of reasonable furniture. Through a door in the far wall was a spacious bathroom, and it was to that area that Mistress now led her charge. Mistress peeled off her. All that escaped me was a loud gasp. As I looked down it was a heavenly vision of this pretty woman gobbling every inch of my cock. Her head bobbed forwards and backwards. The heavenly sensation of her tongue lapping up every inch of my manhood, it sent sweet shivers through my whole body. She leant over and started to lick the helmet of my cock in detail whilst I continued to stroke her cunt through her panties. As I circled her clit area with my fingers she let out a little moan. She. We held each other close, Mom desperately, but quietly clinging to me. I felt Mom’s hot breath on my neck, her breaths coming in soft silence and even softer sighs. Eventually Mom broke the silence and said, ‘You know what I really hate the most about your father’s and my breakup?’ ‘No Mom, I really don’t’ I replied almost indifferently. I immediately felt bad about my tone and followed up with, ‘Tell me.’ Said in what I meant to be a more interested tone of voice. ‘It’s the way the people. I might let you... You know? That thing I let you do last year when we were in Paris. You know how I hate it, how much it hurts me, but if you call Erika and tell her something has come up, that I'm unwell, I'll let you do it. And I might let you again some other time." The thought of this rare treat leaves him speechless. He looks for trickery in her eyes but sees only desperation. "Perhaps we could let Erika watch us?" he says."Don't be so disgusting!"She has played her best hand. Now that.

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