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We were distributing free condoms to all the villagers.she was giving a lecture to village ladies inside a big hut and giving a awareness to them. i h...ppened to be with her helping with speaker and mic.there were few doubts raised by the village ladies and i gave a secret smile to her,she jus replied with a sexy smile on me.i had a very hard on throughout the trip.and finally we came to the end of the trip and i dint have anyother chance to my dream.and finally we were heading back to chennai. For a moment I thought in panic about how she had seen my registrationand face and would know who I was.I was mortified.I think it took me until I reached Baker Street before my panic subsidedand I came to realise I had never seen this couple in my life and thechances that they could identify me, if they were looking at me at all,from my car registration were slim.I started to relax then even though there were no cars in front of mewhen I got stopped at the lights as pedestrians crossed the. The two went at each other as if I wasn’t in the room at all. No humility or filter, whatsoever. I found myself in a strange place where I wanted to be both an onlooker watching this like live porn, and also a player in this carnal tryst. It wasn’t long before I gave up on awkwardness and decency. If they were going to get off, then to hell with it, so was I.I rolled over and lay partway on my back propping my leg up so I could reach into my shorts. I hesitated at the hem, only for a moment,. One day me and Juan were alone , he was the oldest and most developed in every way. I laid in my bed watching josa play with his enormous uncut cock, he collected the juice leaking from his thick forskin and tasted it, he was looking right into my eyes. I could not help myself, I moved over to his bed and stared at that juicy dick it looked so delicious. Juan whispered wanna suck it off for me I have lots of cum in my balls taste it. I did, then I sucked him off, he taught me well,.

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